My 14-year-old daughter and I attended the Fort Collins Fringe Festival and loved the long-form improv performance by Comedy Brewers. We both laughed so hard that we were sorry when it ended and can’t wait to go back again next year.
Meeting other creators and seeing other acts also revealed the immense and diverse community of artists and thinkers floating all around Fort Collins and it was rewarding to know that we were all exposing audiences to expressions of creativity they otherwise might never see.
I am incredibly grateful to have had a chance to participate in Fort Collins’ Fringe festival, from the seedling of the idea to the gargantuan, many-tentacled final product, the process was engaging, frustrating, personally challenging, and something I felt truly proud of when all was said and done.


About Us

Fun, Original, Affordable Theatre

The Fort Collins Fringe Festival is for courageous artists who want to collaborate and share their voice with their community; a place where form is changed and challenged; where new words find their wings; where the unlikely story comes to life. It is the heart-beat of the living theatre community, where artists have a safe space to play and create with their community cheering them on to take risks and be bold. Audiences and artists alike are drawn to the concept – where work is original, minimalistic, experimental, short, and site-specific. Fringe pieces can be performed anywhere from a theatre, a car, a pub, or a stump in the park.

Mission Statement

The Fort Collins Fringe Festival exists to provide a platform for emerging and established artists to perform fun, original, affordable theatre for our community while creating connections between artists, audiences, businesses and organizations.