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Why support fringe in Fort Collins?

  • A 'theatre festival' is unique in Fort Collins

  • It is challenging and expensive for artists to produce their own work. Fringe provides an alternative platform for artists to work

  • We provide this platform with very little cost to the artist

  • By bringing artists together, we are pooling resources and audiences to make sure each piece is seen and supported

  • In doing this, we can keep shows affordable for audiances and keep art thriving

It takes a lot of money to make theatre! Currently artists in Fort Collins can audition and perform with local theatre companies in traditional performance settings. However, if they want to produce their own work, they must handle all of their own overhead costs, such as marketing, ticketing, costuming, sets, props, venues, staff, insurance, and rental fees on their own. This makes it extremely difficult, expensive and exclusive for artists to produce their own original work. The Fort Collins Fringe Festival provides these services with very little cost to the artist. 

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