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Fringe doesn't just happen in Fort Collins and it's so much more than just a Festival. Fringe is a movement that has been spreading and taking root in a global arts community that is grasping to understand the world around us with the only way we know how: performance art! 

In Novemeber of 2016 the Fort Collins Fringe Festival officially joined World Fringe as a member of this global community and was also inducted into the United State Association of Fringe Festivals (USAFF). 

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World Fringe - List of All Fringes

The First Fringe - Edinburgh Fringe Festival

United State Association of Fringe Festivals

Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals


“In 2017, more than ever before, we need to hear the world’s artists and storytellers loudly and clearly and, more importantly, we need to preserve and promote the spaces in which they can be heard. Nowhere is that done more effectively than on the stages of the world’s fringe festivals. At 70 years old the global fringe movement is more relevant than ever. While each country and every fringe has its own unique fingerprint, voice and story, we are united in our spirit of independent, free expression. What binds us is a shared determination to create spaces in which ideas are contested, and where respect, empathy and understanding are forged. May the fringe ideal survive another 700 years.”

Tony Lankester, CEO of National Arts Festival, South Africa



World Fringe Day

July 11th

Fort Collins Fringe Festival is turning 5 but the Fringe movement is turning 70!

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe was the world’s first Fringe back in 1947. Fast forward 70 years there are now more than 200 Fringes worldwide. 2017 marks 70 years since the birth of the Fringe concept.

Join us on World Fringe Day on 11 July 2021 as we celebrate Fringe reaching this incredible milestone, and the cultural connections that transcend national boundaries, demonstrating the connectivity of arts and culture through Fringes.

More information about the our Global Birthday Party here!

"We can’t wait to join with our sister fringes across the world to celebrate the wonder and joy of fringe festivals in this auspicious year. This is an incredible opportunity for fringe organizers, venues, participants and audiences to take part in a truly international celebration of creativity that will transcend national boundaries, demonstrating the power of arts and culture to bring people together. "

Shona McCarthy, Chief Executive of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society


Cant get enough Fringe?

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