Applications for 2019 will open March 1st, 2019. Venues, Prep Packet, and Schedule will be announced January 2019.  

To view the 2018 Artist Handbook, and other forms, click HERE.

Are you an actor, comedian, film-maker, dancer, musician, spoken word poet, writer, improv actor, circus performer, or artist who can showcase their work, live? Know someone who is? Apply to the Fort Collins Fringe Festival!

Applications will open on March 1st of 2018 so start brainstorming! Our applications are 'first-come, first-serve,' so we'll take submissions until our time slots fill up. So get your applications in early!



What is Fringe?

The Fort Collins Fringe Festival is a 4 day performance art festival. The Fort Collins Fringe Festival exists to provide a platform for emerging and established artists to perform fun, original, affordable theatre for our community while creating connections between artists, audiences, businesses and organizations. The festival is non-juried. Artists are chosen on a first come, first serve slots. The festival is uncensored - content is entirely up to the artist, experimentation is encouraged. The festival is inclusive - artists from a variety of cultural perspectives, artists from underrepresented communities, and artists presenting work that is culturally specific and geographically diverse, are encouraged to apply.

Why are there fees to participate?

The Fringe is a very small organization and these fees help us cover the cost of producing a 4-day festival. Your fees cover some of the costs of providing you with a venue, a tech manager and the cost of marketing the festival as a whole.

Am I responsible for my own ticket sales?

Nope--we’ve got this! We manage all pre-sales and at-the-door sales so you can focus prepping and marketing your show. This includes providing you with a house manager for each of your shows.

Will I get paid?

Yep! Artists set their own ticket fees (but are capped at $10) and 100% of the profits from their ticket fees go back to the Artists.

Do I get to pick my venue?

Nope--that’s part of the fun of Fringe! We do our best to match artists with the most appropriate venue for their show. Sometimes this means a more traditional theater space and sometimes this means a more unconventional space. We encourage all Fringe artists to keep an open mind and remain flexible with their needs and wants.

However! We will be accepting BRING YOUR OWN VENUE  (BYOV) applications this year.  A site-specific production is a show that makes use of a particular venue to further the artistic vision of the performances that would lose artistic value if produced in a typical theatrical space.  Proposed venues should be within reasonable distance of Old Town, Fort Collins, BYOV applications judged to be too far away will not be accepted. We require BYOVs to have the same time slots as the Fringe-managed venues while other Fringe shows are scheduled. 

Will you market my show for me?

Nope---that’s on you! But we provide you with a Marketing Handbook that’s full of tips on how to get people to come to your show and we DO market the festival as a whole. As the Fringe Festival is non-juried, we do not publicize or advertise individual shows over others. ALL companies will receive the same level and amount of advertisement, when applicable, through social media, the Fort Collins Fringe Festival program and website, and daily email newsletters during the festival.

It’s important for you to develop your audience in an independent way. Each act will be given 3 performances throughout the twelve days of the festival. Competition among the artists is a natural part of the festival. We strongly encourage you to be in Fort Collins for the entire festival in order to properly market your show, network, collaborate with other artists, and immerse yourself in the excitement of the festival.

Will I get to see other shows?

Absolutely! One of the big benefits of being a Fringe Artist is getting a discounted Artist Pass which allows you to see other shows for free! (Space permitting, of course). We highly encourage you to see other shows, network with your fellow artists, cross promote and enjoy the whole Fringe experience.

What else do I need to know?

Feel free to peruse the Artist Handbook and Marketing Handbook for more in-depth info on being a Fort Collins Fringe Artist. We hope you apply!