The Fort Collins Fringe Festival exists to provide a platform for emerging and established artists to perform fun, original, affordable theatre for our community while creating connections between artists, audiences, businesses and organizations.




/kəˈmyo͞onədē/ - noun

collaborative, supportive, reflective, honest


-To create a positive Fringe community with artists who value their art and are eager to share, receive and reflect on the work
-To present work that serves our local community and is relevant to the time and space in which we live
-To support the local artists in Fort Collins


-To give local artists an unique opportunity to collaborate and produce works not normally seen in traditional theatre settings
-To provide a “meet and greet” audition event for writers, directors and actors to meet and determine collaborative approach


/krēāˈtivədē/ – noun

original, experimental, fresh, devised


-To use experimental performance work as a tool for the development of theatre as a craft
-To encourage original work, new scripts and devised material to be seen and staged in Fort Collins


-To provide an application process that ensures commitment and quality of work
-To bring together people from different facets of the community together and offer them the opportunity, platform and encouragement they need to create original work


/rəˈsôrsfəl/ – adjective

industrious, enterprising, efficient, capable


-To utilize resources in efficient, economically savvy ways in order to build a platform for original work
-To pool resources into one event allowing artists to share production elements, including venues, marketing and funding


-To increase audience awareness and appreciation for theatre arts in short, simple, accessible, affordable formats
-To produce a theatre festival