Austin Update Part 2

Hey Fringe Fans, Friends and Followers,

I wanted to share with you another really neat piece of theatre I just saw.

It was called The Caregiving Project about giving care to those you love in times of need. The play started in a living room type space and there was maybe maximum of 20 people. The artist handed around tea for those who wanted and looked us each in the eye and thanked us. Then she announce it was time to start. She had us close our eyes and answer questions about how caregiving makes us feel or if there was a time when we ever… fill in the blank. Then she told us a very funny story about her mom and when things got hard. She then asked for a volunteer to come up and sit in the arm chair with her. This happened  four separate times between stories of her mom. We, the audience, would offer comments. To be honest, it felt like a guided therapy session for caregivers. Only all of us could connect because…well, who hasn’t helped the people they loved? Over the course of the play, the performer led us through a gentle journey exploring  the relationship between love and sacrifice - and it was emotional to say the least. Lots of tears. Be we all came away feeling like a little family who had all just finished an hour long group hug. It was beautiful, simple, elegant, and incredibly heartfelt.

The end, from Austin,



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