Why support the Fringe?

  • This event is unique in Fort Collins
  • It is challenging and expensive for artists to produce their own original work, but Fringe is working to change that
  • We provide the platform with very little cost to the artist and by hosting several artists, we pool our resources and audiences to ensure the each work is seen and valued
  • We promote all Fringe pieces to all our audience members and make sure people know who helped us make this Festival happen!

It takes a lot of money to make theatre! Currently artists in Fort Collins can audition and perform with local theatre companies in traditional performance settings, however if they want to produce their own work, they must handle all the overhead costs such as marketing, ticketing, costuming, sets, props, venues, staff, insurance, and rental fees on their own. This makes it extremely difficult, expensive and exclusive for artists to produce their own original work. The Fringe provides the platform with very little cost to the artist (only $30 application fee/ per project) by hosting several artists, we pool our resources and audiences to ensure the each work is seen and valued.

Sponsorship Package

Fort Collins Fringe Festival 2015 SponsorshipPacket

2015 Fort Collins Fringe Festival Budget

Fort Collins Fringe Festival Budget 2015
Venue Rental $700.00
Lighting, Sound, Risers/Chair Rental $500.00
Ticketing Fees - Eventbrite $200.00
Volunteer Meals $100.00
General Event Gear (caution tape, wrist bands,etc.) $100.00
Credit card fees - WePay $50.00
Credit Card Fees - Paypal $50.00


Poster Distribution $100.00
Guerilla Marketing Supplies $400.00
Social Media $100.00
Printing $300.00
Programs $300.00
Flyers/Posters Printing $100.00
Staff Salary (3 coordinators) $3,000.00
Stipends (2 technicians) $1,000.00
Cash Prize Audience Choice Award $500.00
Expenditures Total $7,500.00

Estimated Artists Participating: 100

Estimated Audience: 400


Audience Choice Award

This year we are implementing a cash prize for the Audience Choice Award. All the artists who participate in the Fringe are donating their time and energy to perform in the Festival. It is our vision to eventually pay every actor who participates, but until we can build the financial support, we are asking the audience to choose which piece they liked the most, thereby identifying the performance group to receive a cash award of $500!

Supporting our Staff

This year we are also paying our Festival Coordinators. For the last two years, the Festival has been run completely pro-bono. There is year-round planning required for the Festival and the staff works very hard because they believe so strongly in what the Fringe offers our town. This year, we are offering a small stipend for the work of our Festival Coordinators. This will ensure that the work put into the Festival stays top-notch while avoiding burn out on Festival Staff. Each year we will endeavor to provide more stipends for staff and artists alike. Please help us make these dreams a reality.

Donation Amount

To be or not to be non-profit?

The Fort Collins Fringe Festival is not currently pursuing non-profit status as we are looking for an umbrella organization with which to partner. We have very similar values and goals to existing artistic non-profits in Fort Collins. Fringe strongly believes in collaboration and we prefer to build relationships to find partners who will better the Festival.

If you are involved with a non-profit, or know someone who is, that would be interested in partnering with the Fort Collins Fringe Festival, please contact us using the form below.

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